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Thanksgiving for DD Services

Print & GO Greeting Card Campaign – November 2015


Developmental Disability Services provides funding for supports that make a real difference for thousands of children, adults and families across Oregon.
If you or a family member receives DD Services, please send a “Print & GO” Thanksgiving Card to your State Senator and Representative with a note about how services help you.
Here’s how:

  1. Find out who your legislators are
  2. Print either the Adult or Child/Family Thanksgiving Card. Just click on the selected card image below to download the PDF.
  3. Write a quick message, sign and send your card!


ROCCOS Family Network

We encourage and equip

                                   families of children with disabilities

                                                                         to actively engage in community.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Dana Stone, Executive Director


ROCCOS Family Network was created by a mom, Dana Stone. She has amazingly talented, extraordinarily gifted children; her youngest son experiences diverse-abilities. Wanting more for her son, and finding adequate support and resources difficult to obtain in remote Oregon she began connecting with other parents. Learning and growing stronger together, they began a journey of advocacy for their children. Dana formed ROCCOS Family Network to encourage and equip families to actively engage and embrace their community; creating acceptance and inclusion for all. They believe their children will experience full-abundant lives with opportunities to pursue their passions, and follow their dreams……

Where We Are

ROCCOS Family Network covers Eastern Oregon.  

No community too small…..we meet you right where you are; no family left behind!